Friday, February 18, 2005

Art Scrap Sites and More

I found some interesting sites about art scrap

SCRAP is a creative reuse center
Here you find lots of scrap clip art (great)
-Heather you need to see this list of scrap:

"As an art teacher, I ve received the most unusual donations for our
classroom. From 20 spoon ladles to burlap feed bags, these donations
havefed the creativity of several young artists. Since the art budget
is limited as to what can be ordered, I m requesting the following
items from parents,teachers, and the community. If there is a remote
possibility we can do something with it, then please bring them to
the art room 405 anytime between 7am 4:00pm. If we can't use it,
we'll either find someone who can or we will toss it.. lovingly.
Here s a list of just some of the materials that are handy in the art

old shoes
small and/or old soap bars
old mousepads
Plastic CD cases and CD-Roms especially the AOL kind that you get in
the mail
yarn - any kind or color - for weaving
scrapes of materials (cotton only)
wire coat hangers
pliers - any kind
old calendars
fascinating still life stuff - hats,
taxidermy, tools
old bones and animal skulls.
old blankets
unusual machinery
old machine parts
old coffee table art books
old animal books
old jewelry
old kitchen utensils- especially wooden spoons and rolling pins
sewing machine
zip lock bags

PCP pipe (under 1 )
leftover shades of white house paint (latex only, no oils)
tar/ felt paper (roofing)
candy molds
rope (any size)
old muffin pans
screen (fine mesh)
fishing line and clothesline
sequins, pearls, glitter, etc.
embroidery hoops
corks (fishing or wine, any kind)
books from hair stylists (full frontal faces and facial features)
electric skillets
odd saucers, cups, bottles, glasses for still life drawings
old silk flowers
anything you have 30 of...we can probably find a use for!
And of course, art supplies- old broken crayons, leftover dye,
pencils, paint, etc.
SRHS Web-site"
Lots of weird and wacky pictures to peruse and enjoy
If you are new you might spend a few minutes (hours? days?!!) looking
over our picture albums to get a feel for what we've been creating.
Bowling balls in the garden? Garden benches made from scrap? Yep,
plus birdbaths from clay pots and satellite dishes, birdhouses from
PVC pipe, lovely gazing balls made from bowling balls, old light
fixtures, even softballs! Wonderful hypertufa creations! You will
find amazing "recycled materials" art.
Paper is simple material. It is essentially a mat held together by
the fiber's roughness, and can be made from almost any fibrous
material like wood or recycled paper.



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