Saturday, March 19, 2005

Big Bad Werewolf Challenge

I have been working on a Werewolf Project with the kids at school and they are loving the horror and gore.

If you all go to the Project Page you will find the artwork of the Girlie Werewolf Project. Now being a thinker I thought that the next bunch of mini stashes I could send out to artists would include a glove - when I can source some lovely old gloves - and we could have another challenge going.

The challenge would be to depict the noblewoman's hand or the hand of some other victim of the werewolf. Alternatively people can make wolf masks or depict some other element of the story.

Alternatively you could join a colouring competition and post your responses here on the Art Blogger.

To see LaTrobe Secondary College student work you can visit the Student Forum or The Chamber of Horrors here at Soul Food.

Any takers? If so let me know and I will begin sourcing gloves and sending mini stashes to people. As with the Footprint they will come back to provide inspiration for students ranging in age from five to eighteen.

image courtesy of Timberwolf


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