Monday, July 04, 2005

There is more than even I gnome so far

The pool of Buddy is becoming a well landscaped memorial to the fallen gnome.

My new gnome underwent a change, first whitewashed, appearing as a ghostly sight next to the pool of Buddy. Clearly I was being drawn in to help give this new gnome his face, his character. I felt humbled by the prospect.

After much thought the gnome became a small person, pardon me, gnome, with his very own personality.

Then, at dusk, more gnomes appeared. Three in all. Faceless. What do they want? Why are they here?

They are there still, night after night, gathered in eerie silence. Days pass, and all I can think is that they want faces too. Maybe I need to step in again, and find for each one their own face, clothes, and personalities. Or they will be there every night in stony silence waiting to evolve into full blown gnomes and not just another piece of terra cotta gardenware.

Maybe then they will move on, to homes and reflecting pools of their own.



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