Friday, February 18, 2005

How to Make Artist Scrapbooks
The following directions offer a simple way to make a sketchbook. The pages for the sketchbook shown are 6-by-9 inches and are made by cutting 12-by-18 inch white drawing paper in half longways and then folding each page over.
You need a cereal or cracker box, scrap paper to draw on, and scissors.
If you want to be able to add pages, you'll need a paper punch and yarn (or string).
If you want to just staple your sketchbook together, that's okay too!
Most artists keep sketchbooks in which they experiment with ideas and collect drawings of their environment. Sketchbooks are like visual diaries for artists. Artists often use them for planning and developing their work.
Articles on sketchbooks and drawing lessons on your favorite subjects including nature and landscape, marine themes and flowers. Get ideas and inspiration for scrapbooks and journals.
How to use the Sketchbook/Journal as an Instructional Strategy; for Standards and Student Performance Expectations
Why do artists keep sketchbooks, and what do they put into them?
Sketchbook Ideas for
High School - Middle School
All artists keep sketchbooks. To improve your drawing you need to practice, and the sketchbook is the way to do it. Draw everything you see. Every Monday, your sketchbook will be checked to see if you have added any drawings since the previous week. You need to draw at least 11 sketches per week. Do not give up. Just keep churning out the drawings and you will see improvement.
Sketchbook Assignments
Art 335 Ceramics
David McBeth
Spring 1999
General Observations about Your Sketchbook:
The purpose of these sketchbook exercises is to:
Sketchbook Assignment:
An alternative to coloring books, this invitation to draw, color, write, make collages, fantasize about creating a new world or just look was inspired by Ernest Callenbach's novel Ecotopia.
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