Thursday, April 07, 2005

Shopping to inspire?

Do you have a favorite shop that inspires the tired and worn out Muse?

There is a shop nearby that I visit, I tell myself to only look, no buying. Yet, when I visit this shop my imagination tingles with excitement! Everywhere I look I see fairies, heart shaped objects, feathery and velvety things. I see sparkles and bejeweled boxes and I try not to explode with joy. For some reason I see magic and wonderment in this special shop called “Things with Wings” in Sedona, Arizona.

Today I found a lovely fairy. She deserves a shrine of her own. I will dream her up something darling. So, shopping can be good for the soul, at least my imaginative soul. I am a gatherer of ideas. I collect bits and details and hope to put them into a lovely place, either in paint or into my studio space.

Decorating my studio is quite a task. Yet without it where can I begin? I need my organized jumble of beautiful clutter.


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Edwina Peterson Cross said...

Luna - here is a question. After loving your beautiful heart shrine, I took a look at mine. Clutter, clutter everywhere with nothing left to think. What do you do with "things for the shrine" when they are not out? Do you rotate what is out? I can't stand to put anything away, I want to look at everything, but it makes them too cluttered to be really eye pleasing. I have three different places, and they are all full of too much "stuff."

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Luna said...

Winnie, I do have clear storage boxes brimming with "Shrine Stuff." And it's labeled. I have that much stuff. I rotate and change things all the time. Nothing is static. I am constantly adding to them, so they are almost buried. When I get tired of a shrine or need to dust it, it generally moves. I try to even put some of my favorite things away and if I miss them, I dig 'em out. Rotate and change is the key. If everything is out it's hard to really appreciate what your eye wants to focus on. Also spread things out. I have several shrine areas around the house. I had a shrine in the bathroom for while. I would love one in the kitchen. Anywhere and everywhere. I am even beginning to collect for an outdoor shrine in my herb garden that is under construction.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

If you are a gatherer Luna you will really love the work of Wendy Stavrianos a Melbourne Artist whose work picks up on the symbolism of gathering. Gleaning is another old art that fascinates me. One of my favourite destinations is a charity shop out of Melbourne, in an art community called Warryndyte. There is a good second hand book shop just across the road so I love to make a pilgrimage there every few months. I never come home empty handed.


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