Thursday, May 26, 2005

Paper Doll Colouring Pages

Sylvia Kleindinst has provided these links for colouring after a request from Gwen Myer for material for her mother to use with patients.

The one for the Paper Doll Studio News is:

A good one for an artist that does tons of characters from books and movie stars is Donald Hendriks—

This one has tons of links and is good for children:

This one is for art dolls:

This one is for using dolls on the computer screen to dress:

Templates and costumes for kids to print and cut out.

Scholastic site has some paper dolls with historic themes.

Pam Hastings has a site for paper art dolls and also this one is a good lesson plan

Here is a dog to dress in many costumes. This idea could be used for girls and boys. Any animal with costumes might be

More appealing to boys with less stigma as a girl thing.
Lots of paper dolls to dress here!


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