Sunday, July 24, 2005

Progress - G-Nome Project

A sudden fit of inspiration seized me the other day, while staring at my three faceless, terra cotta gnomes.

First, there was the whitewash, out of which just naturally, without even trying to make it happen, some very diverse personalities emerge.
Bit, by bit, they were neither faceless nor shapeless.

From there personalities came to the surface quite quickly. The lady, the sad clown, the hippie-chick.

It was a warm day and I did not have the heart to paint their clothes on. No reason a gnome needs to have clothes on. I don't think decency laws apply here. From there they went a little wild. I took some snappies of the goings on. appears some gnomes can be quite wild, hedonistic.

First they took to the beach
playing with bubbles
getting quite chummy

Now to get on to the more serious writing of the actual story, which I will post once it is done and polished a bit. Somehow it is all making sense as a larger story with plenty of moral existential lessons and I've had just so much fun doing it. I will probably finish the whole series completely, and start again from the beginning posting each section as I complete it.

Having such fun doing this, did I mention that?



At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beuatiful - I'm glad you and your gnomes enjoyed the warm weather. There is nothing more enjoyable than some sunshine and the warmth that goes with.

I love your gnomes - keep up the work and show some more 'nudie' gnomes. You're right what are clothes for? :)

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Salish & Me said...

They're! I love the gnomes!! They certainly know how to have a good time too!!



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