Thursday, July 07, 2005

Who is just the spookiest?
Goya! Goya!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Who is possessed with such finesse?
Goya! Goya!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Obsess, transgress, but ne’er suppress,
Distressed from the darkest recess express,
Depress excess infests noblesse!
Goya! Goya!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Cheerleading. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.
You know, I really love Goya. It is, however, my job to keep your bodily functions lively.
You know, ‘The Leaning Tower” ~ “The owl cries twice . . .”


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Lisa Phoenix said...

Oh, Winnie, i laughed so hard when i read this that i had tears in my eyes.

When i was still in diapers and my father was studying art at the university, he often took me to class with him, plopping me in a corner and plopping a lump of clay in front of me.

After class we would often eat at a studio where many of the students gathered - my mother would make great pots of spaghetti with lots of cheap red wine.

In this place where lively debates and laughter of adults wreathed in the copious cigarette smoke over my head, we sat at a great dining table, over which hung a large and meticulous copy of Goya's "Saturn," which probably accounts for my perverse but abiding affection for this painting.

Thanks for helping me to retrieve a thoroughly pleasant memory - the students are mostly gone now, but their ghosts are chuckling too...


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