Sunday, September 11, 2005

Back to productivity

My former psychiatrist (former by death) always opened a session with one question "have you been productive". He knew well that it was the cornestone of my well-being. If I cannot be productive happiness is simply out of the question. Unfortunately when bedridden because illness overwhelms even my desire to be upright the lack of productivity just compounds stress. I was finally, after a couple of weeks able to be a bit productive. I could scan in some of the illustration sketches for the kiddie books that are far behind in the schedule I had set for myself, and some other little drawings I was playing around with while propped up in bed.
Now the illustrations are in the computer I will have to find it in me to get back to the business of writing little stories to go with them. The one tentatively title "Dutch House Rules" is almost half done. I had planned to have the Flash version functional by now and posted on my website.
It feels wonderful to look at my day and be able to state firmly that, yes, I have been productive.



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