Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New ways to be creative

From time to time I teach basic drawing at an elder club here in Silkeborg.
One of the most common problems people have when they start to draw, is to think of things to draw.

Actually you don't have to go through a lot of creative thinking, to draw creative drawings.
Normally I start a class by asking all in the class room, to pick the first thing they can reach in their bags or pocket. Then I ask them to do a quick sketch of their picked subject.

Some students are afraid not to draw perfect enough, but what is perfect, when is some thing perfect? I will ask the student to take two pencils, and draw a simple still life with both hands.
This still life will be less than perfect, but it will be very lively. I then ask the student to find a still life they did, drawing with only one hand, and then pick the best drawing. In many cases they will pick the drawing done with both hands.

It is always an good idea to change the way you draw or paint once and a while. I also have a rule about going some where new every week. You don't have to go fare, try laying up side down in your bedroom to see the room from a new direction, or try to clime a tree in your garden. You can find magic new worlds in your near by location if only you look for them!
Bring a sketchbook and/or a camera, so you can remember what you saw.

This is a list of ways you can change your way of working.

Draw/paint draw with a tree branch
Draw/paint in a new location
Draw/paint in dots
Draw /paint in a diffrent size and format
Draw/ paint outside in the moonlight, strong sunlight....
Draw / paint in a new medium
Draw/ paint doodling
Draw/ paint your thoughts and not what you see
Draw/ paint things you don't like
Draw/paint a smell or sound
Draw/paint by memory
Draw/paint up side down
Draw/paint the latest new in you news paper
Draw/paint feelings like love, hate...
Draw/Paint contrasts, small/large, dark/ light, strong/ weak, old/new, organic/geometric
Draw/paint close ups
Draw/ paint a rhythm
Draw/paint your own symbols
Draw /paint some thing broken
Draw/paint reflections
Draw/paint time
Draw/paint your dreams
Draw/paint a travel
Draw/ paint a story


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