Friday, March 04, 2005

Art Room Ambiance

You have taken the words right out of my mouth Sharon. Like you I am hoping that, just as the Lemurian Abbey has gained a life of its own and become self generating, the Art Room will come gain a special identity. I want it to become a busy, bustling place where there is a healthy exchange and cross pollination. This will happen when people sign up and actively participate.

When I think of the Soul Food Art Room I am reminded of Terri Windling and the artist's haven she created at Endicott Studios. I also think high quality art markets where people have tables displaying their wares and chat to one another when they are not attending to customers.

It would be wonderful if regulars made it a practice to lay some of their art work out on the communal tables for us to have a look at. Over at the Abbey something is happening every day and it is exhilarating to check in each day to discover work of such beauty.


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